2018 Road Racing Championship

Road Racing Championship

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Below are the races for the 2018 championship races; 





25th February

Bourton 10k


25th March

Gloucester 20


8th April

Highworth 5 mile


14th May

Berkely 10k


26th May

Cirencester Park Run


3rd June

Fairford 10k


21st July

Bourton Mile


5th August

Gloucester Half Marathon CANCELLED


16th September

Witney 10 miles


7th October

Cricklade 10km


21st October

Stroud Half Marathon


During the year up to Stroud

Any Marathon


The formats for the 2018 Road Racing Championships is as follows. To qualify for points, runners must be fully paid-up members, be entered under Cirencester AC and be wearing a club vest. Members are not able to win both championships, if you are leading the points totals for both then you will be awarded the Road Race Championship. In the unlikely even of a tie in points, the number of head to heads would be analysed during the road race series, if that is still a draw then the seventh race would be considered and finally if still a draw the points from the club runners championship would be added to the road race championship.

Road Race Championship:
Twenty points are awarded to the first Cirencester finisher in each race, down to one point for the 20th and any more subsequent finishers. All marathon races during the season (up until the date of Stroud half marathon) are combined into one table and then the same principle applied. One marathon result per member counts towards the points. Male & female championships are scored separately and best 7 races to count from the 11 races above. DUE TO THE CANCELLATION OF THE 2018 GLOUCESTER HALF MARATHON THIS WILL NOW BE THE BEST 6 FROM 10 RACES.

Males Standing

Females Standing


Club Runner Championship:
This incorporates bonus points for personal improvements on the distance and a fixed points award for completing the race irrespective of position. In contrast to the Road Race Championship, all 11 races count towards this title which rewards more race participation by our members. 

For each race you run you will be awarded 5 points up to a maximum of 55.

Bonus points are awarded for improved times, achieved against benchmarks recorded during the prevoius two seasons. (click here for the current list of best times).

  • One bonus point is awarded for every 15 seconds improvement, up to a maximum of two minutes (8pts) for distances up to and including 10k, and three minutes (12pts) for longer races.
  • Maximum bonus point awards apply across the season, for example they may be gained in a single race or cumulatively over multiple races of same distance.
  • Times recorded during the current year in non-championship races do not become benchmarks until following year.
  • If no qualifying times have been recorded in the last two years, the first run in championship race in this year for that distance forms the benchmark for subsequent race bonus points.





Gun versus Chip timing in race results
For the avoidance of any doubt following the matter being raised by race participants in the past, this is the official line on the recording of official times in race results:

 IAAF Competition Rule No. 165.24e:
"The official time will be the time elapsed between the start gun and the athlete reaching the finish line (Gun Time). However, if an athlete crosses the start line after the start gun, his time elapsed between the start and finish line (Chip Time) can be made known to the athlete but will not be considered as official time."