Junior Waiting List

Joining the Junior Club

As mentioned, the club does have a waiting list to join the junior side of the club. When your child reaches the top of the waiting list they will be Invited to Time Trial.  

 The Time Trial is a distance of approximately 1K – and they are expected to join the rest of the training session. The normal session includes a warm up, varied training sessions and games at the end and lasts 1 hour – finishing 7.30pm. We also expect  parents to stay for the first session, then you can see the format of the training and watch the trial, as this would help with safety as we’ll have additional children at this session.

The session is held at King’s Hill school in the winter and on the field in the summer. The training sessions are held outside all year round, so appropriate clothing should be worn – high viz, layers, shower/water proof jacket, trainers, hat and gloves (when required) and a head torch if you have one (when required).

If you child then joins the club, parents are expected to join a parent rota to help weekly – averages around 1 in 5 weeks. You do not need to be a runner to do this, but additional help is required for safety purposes and allow the session to be broken into smaller groups for more tailored training. Your child is also expected to race for the club in X-Country events in the Winter and road races too -They should run at least 4 times a year for the club.

Vests for the club can be purchased from the website for £22 including personalisation or £19 without.

o log interest can you please send your child's DOB, address, parent email and mobile and consent to share email and mobile details on group communications, for club communications by clicking here.